Montel Powers, Co-Owner/Instructor

A native of Warner Robins, Georgia, Montel grew up in a family where sports were the dominant interests, but this never affected Montel’s desire to be involved in the arts. He recognized his voice at the age of four where he began to sing around the house and mimic different artist that he saw and heard on television. By the age of seven Montel
was involved in the choral program in his school where he quickly elevated to the advanced group referred to as, “The Ensemble”. It was evident to his family and peers that he was BORN with the gift of music.

A few years later Montel began vocal lessons and singing in his local church choir where his passion and knowledge increased. There was a strong desire to go above the standard of just learning lyrics and his vocal part. He wanted to understand the art of hearing harmonies and teaching those harmonies to others. By the age of eleven Montel was
responsible for teaching and directing all music for the three choirs in that ministry. This assignment caused him to mature quickly musically as well as intellectually in his youth. 

In 2001, Montel joined the Houston County High School Choral Program under the direction of Theresa Alexander. Montel was able to learn what it meant to “set the standard” under her leadership. The growth that he experienced was incredible. He was given the privilege to lead in various capacities as a student director/leader. Today he attributes his work ethic and determination in completing tasks to the principles that Mrs. Alexander imparted into his life.

After graduating with Music Honors in 2005, Montel was accepted into the music department of Georgia Southern University where he planned to pursue his music education degree. He soon decided to accept the call of becoming a full time Worship Minister back in Macon, Georgia. He immediately began to write and arrange music and melodies that soon became songs that various artists would professionally record. Over the years he has continued his pursuit of knowledge and wisdom of vocal performance, and vocal health.

He is a singer, writer, teacher with the desire to educate, encourage, and EMPOWER every student of Studio Powers that he is privileged to encounter.